Supply Chain Management

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is the management of the flow of material, final goods and related information between the various vendors and companies involved in the supply of products to a customer.

By Partnering with Ngage:

We will arrange and coordinate manufacturing, sourcing and shipping from our factories to your door, or directly to a 3rd party warehouse. We handle all documentation, customs clearances and other details so you don’t have to. You can focus on selling your products and growing your business.

We Help You:

  • Reduce cost and improve your bottom line by streamlining logistics from production to shipping and delivery.
  • Review and identify the best packaging for your products to optimize for reducing shipping costs and ensuring your items are well protected.
  • Enhance your customer service thanks to our regular status updates and ensuring timelines are met.
  • By becoming a part of your team, eliminating your need for additional administrators and project managers

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