We have enjoyed a long and prosperous business relationship with GJG for close to 25 years. I first met the founder Anand Jain when he was working for CSA. We were buying a heat and massage system from a U.S. supplier who went into bankruptcy. We needed to find a new supplier fast. I called Anand to ask if he knew of anyone who was making anything similar. He told me he did not know of any other company. He said he had recently decided to leave CSA and start his own business. He asked if I would mind if he redesigned the system and look for someone to manufacture it. I agreed to give the go ahead.

In a short time he presented a new completely redesigned system that was superior, safer and cheaper than what we had been using. We tested and approved production of this system and have used it and some refined versions for the last 25 years. This system quickly became the premier system in the marketplace.

Teaming up with GJG proved to be the beginning of a very long and profitable relationship.

Fred Purkey
Berkline Inc.

We at Brass Wolf Enterprises Ltd. have been pleased to work with your company, GJG International. Since meeting you at the INPEX show in Pittsburgh, PA in 2011, you have made our journey of turning an idea into an actual product a stress-free one. We now carry 8 different sizes of the Hitch Head Holder, an innovative product for storing a trailer hitch when not in use.

You have always been there to answer questions along the way, and have ensured our complete satisfaction with the end product. It is also nice working with a Canadian company whose many years of experience in the import/export industry has made our manufacturing experience a very positive one indeed.

We highly recommend your company to others who are starting out with an idea and who want to turn that idea into a marketable product.

Dr. Bonnie Woolford, BA, MD, CCFP
CEO/Direct Manufacturing Brass Wolf Enterprises Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia

We started working with Gee Jay Group International more than 20 years ago and still continue to do so. All this time, we have been very satisfied with their high level of service, technical competence and excellent quality assurance of the products and component assemblies supplied. GJG International offered us great technical support, delivery and competitive pricing as well as excellent advice for the whole time we have worked together. GJG works with us like a partner, understanding our needs.

The benefit of working with GJG is easily explained by our continued long-lasting relationship. GJG has always been eager to support our ideas; they designed component assemblies and products customized to our requirements; and in the end we were able to cut production costs in terms of labour and productivity. GJG developed and designed a car lighter plug, which resulted in a reduction in defects and return rates. They have developed products custom to our products and production applications.

In terms of quality assurance, GJG products have a minimal return rate. And even in those cases, they also offer us some special hassle-free arrangements to handle consumer returns for replacement.

GJG has made manufacturing overseas an easy and streamlined process making them a top choice company for sourcing the best products at competitive prices.

George Verghese
Vice President Operations

Blue Ridge Bracket Company began its relationship with Gee Jay Group in March of 2009. As a small start-up business, we had tried for 6 months to find a manufacturer who would work with us. We had to beg for a callback from most of them, and those who responded gave us the run-around. GJG was recommended by a former co-worker of mine. Their response was prompt, professional and friendly.

We were treated from the very beginning as if we had been a partner with them for many years. I was quite impressed when they got back to me within a couple days of requesting a quote, suggesting ways we could reduce our cost by making small changes. The proto-type process went very quickly. From the first contact to having proto-type parts in hand was less than 2 ½ months.

In over 30 years of manufacturing I have never had a project move that quickly and smoothly. We placed our order and received our product on schedule, and as promised.

Over the time we have worked with GJG, they have always been fair and honest and willing to help us grow. If more companies worked the way they do it would make things a lot simpler.

As a result of our relationship with GJG we have been able to grow at a rate of 1000% per year.

If you are looking for a company to manufacture your products and treat you well, give Nitin at GJG a call and end your search.

Terrence A. Reno
Engineering / Quality
Blue Ridge Bracket Company